Keywords stuck in same position, what can I do?


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Mar 23, 2008
I've done mostly everything white hat, but I have been stuck in the same position for 3 major keywords for almost a year. I'm tired of it. What can I do to get to #1?

The #1 spot is a national company at the moment.
add more authority(da 50+ niche related) links it will help
Add few more high authority links (3-5) using long tail keywords as anchors and also plan few inner pages links. Increase your domain authority for long term results.

Few questions if you don't mind

1) Just so I understand, so when doing the links the anchor shouldn't be the main keywords I want to rank for?

2) What do you mean by inner pages links?

3) Best route to increasing DA?
Without spending money on backlinks on those 3 keywords you won't achieve much. If you're earning with those keywords, then invest in backlinks and you'll get the money back once you're higher in the ranks.

Thanks. How should I do my anchors? Should they be the exact keywords I want to rank for or more long tail?
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