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    I just have general question regarding ranking higher with keywords:

    1. How do I find my website when I search a keyword? (e.g. If I search sex, how do I find which page I am on beside going through it all...)

    2. I have an youtube video and an article on my wordpress relating to the keyword, is that enough to rank for that keyword?

    3. This question relates to question 2, if it is enough - I just need backlinks correct?

    4. My domain is half a year old, should I be concern when doing backlinks? I have scrapebox.

    5. Do I have to use proxies? I can change ISP by turning off my router.
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    Attach "&num=100" to the query and then press strg+f and type your Domain.

    Not neccessarily. It depends on the age of your blog, the backlinks to your article etc... But generally you should be good to go. Well at least it gets you indexed. If you want to rank you sohuld do some onpage seo: use proper title, proper url and add some text relating and including you kw - that definitely helps a lot.

    In the end it depends all on Backlinks, correct.

    It depends on how much you are going to build. There is no "rule" how many this should be. Go with 20 per day and you shouldn have any problems. Just do it continously and not all at once!

    Guess you mean change IP ;)
    You can do that, but it will freak you out after some time because its too time consuming. Proxies are much more convenient.

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