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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by sviedinys, Sep 10, 2012.

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    What could be wrong if keywords not appearing on google, even when im searching " keyword", this should appear for sure if indexed.
    When simply searching "" it shows over 300 posts pages indexed, when "" it appears few pages, but with keywords it doesnt appear, its a wordpress blog. With blogger blog its getting indexed in 2 days max.
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    If you are typing your URL and the keyword into a search bar with the quotations around it, this is probably why nothing is showing up. When you use quotations, it tells Google (or whatever search engine) to find that exact match. Are you using the quotations in your search?

    The only other explanation if you are not using quotations is that its taking Google a while to index pages with those key terms on there. It still seems odd that a search for your site would appear yet a search that contained the URL and a keyword would not. When not using quotations, Search engines typically return some variation of the keyword phrase that you used.

    Perhaps this post might help shed light on your issue. It talks about why a site is not showing up in search results,

    I hope this solves your issue,

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