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Nov 2, 2009
Is it better to have ONLY the keyword in the page title or it doesnt change anything to have the keyword + Other text.

Such as:



"Keyword - Other text"

I am asking this because the top 6 results in G for my Niche use Only the "Keyword" in their page title. Im currently ranked #4 and I thought that maybe, if my page title was different from these results, people would click more my link.

It doesnt matter as far as you have your keyword placed in your title tag. For example if your targeting the longtail keyword "Google Keyword Research", its no harm you placing your title tag as "Google Keyword Research: How To".

It is better to place your targeted keyword at the very beginning of your title tag as shown in the example...
This is another argument for the ages. Some say to have your title 100% Keyword rich may be perceived as spam, so you should steer clear.

Some say 80% some say 60%.

I'll tell you what I do, and I use this standard for all my keywording on sites that I host and 2.0 properties I create.

If I was targeting the keyword 'Colon Cleansing Formula' - My title would be

Colon Cleansing Formula | Weight Loss

I toss in a related keyword string to the end so it doesn't look like KW spam.

It's worked for me in the past, and helps to rank in other keywords results also.

Am I way off base here?
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