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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by freeufcdotinfo, Jul 13, 2008.

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    1) Does you need to have keyword and descriptions in meta tags every page

    2) Whats the idea density for keywords

    3) Does the keyword denisty word on word count or percentage, if I have 2 words and one is my seach for word, I will have a 50% denity (this cant be right can it)

    4) Who is the discription for, could I not just copy my keywords into description if its just for the search engines benifit
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    1. Yeah it certainly helps, a properly optimised page will have a unique description and keywords.

    2. You need to make sure the information on your page contains keywords however the key is to include the right amount, too many and it will just look like spam, too little and it wont rank, how many is too many, thats the question!

    3. Its hard to know what way KWD is calculated, google is very secretive, but yeah your method is one way of calulating it

    4. Its for the people who read the search results in search engines, some SE use the description. Remember the description tag is for a DESCRIPTION, so if you just bang keywords in there, it wont look right and will probably effect your rank.
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    yes... it will help also search engine to identify which is which in your page... eg

    If you have video games website and you post internet marketing in one of your page with the same keyword of your homepage it will not help search engine to identify if the page that you post is related to games website... got it..!! so when you change your keyword and description for each and every page.. it will help a lot to rank each an every pages..

    I hope it make sense.

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    1) Yes. The title and description are critical to ranking for a specific keyword or phrase.
    2) Fuck word density. Write for humans.
    3) see #2
    4) It's for the engine and for anyone seeing your page in the serps. That's the part right under your title in the listing, so don't waste it.

    Think about how precious that little slice of screen on google is. Think about traffic and how it REALLY works.

    All traffic starts with the search engine. It only comes to you through that tiny doorway. If you paint the door shut (piss poor description) or put the wrong street address on the door (piss poor title) or try to hide the nasty stinky corpses behind the door (piss poor content) google will close it for you.

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    '...A most eloquent and accurate explanation.

    Good job scubaslick!