KeywordLuv - Anyone use it for links? It's very annoying


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Apr 29, 2009
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I've been building links at a high rate in the last few months, and I've been coming across a lot of wordpress blogs which have comething called keywordluv and commentluv.

The sites that use this comment engine usually have comments like "hey, great article! blog bookmarked!" and they have been published and stick, with a ******** link in the name.

Here's the problem. When I come along and actually write a decent comment about the article (as I assume all wordpress blog are moderated by some faggoty blogger), I press post comment and it just takes me to a blank screen called "wp-comment-post.php". I go back and my comment hasn't appeared.

What's going wrong here? Surely it would say if the comment was being held for moderation. It's just infuriating seeing these lazy comments getting through and mine just being greeted with a blank screen.

Rant over :)
The Exact same thing here!
I wonder whats the problem with them
hey guys.. that's wp-antispam blocking your comment. Most ******** blogs have wp-antispam. You probably had a blacklisted keyword inyour comment, or it could be that you had javascript disabled. wp-antispam requires javascript.
Thankyou for the replies. I have to say, communtluv blogs are just small-fry, but it's frustrating when I see other spammers on the comments page and I can't leave a link.
I had a similar issue with one of my finance sites. A lot of wp blogs have akismet setup which blocks known spam urls, ips and keywords including mainstream words such as mortgages and even insurance sometimes. The white screen has appeared when my url has been logged as a spam site, after sometimes posting 5 or 10 comments (and not on the same blog), but if they use the same spam software, it tracks you over a set time period I guess. Learnt that lesson the hard way whilst leaving a few well written, appropriate comments!...
I also have this issue but I've figured out something. When that happens you comment then just get you re-directed in a white blank screen it means 2 things:

1. Your not allowed to use your keyword as your name. Try changing it to a real decent name like "john".

2. I don't know if I am the only one who don't know this but in what I've noticed some blogs don't allow subpages in the URL. So use your main url.

This is just based on experience I am not a pro in blog commenting but I want to be.:D
I think thats because you got your Ip banned from Askimet
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