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Jun 13, 2009
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The search terms for a keyword I was targeting have dropped from 200k to 3k!

Has anyone else been experiencing drastic keyword drops? Go check now!

I found a blog showing some others have had 80% + drops in the last couple of days aswell - anyone else? and is this just some kind of variance whilst google swaps to the new keyword tool?

I was suspicious the old keyword result was wrong but I did not imagine it would be that far out!!
Yep agreed, my targeted keyword droped from 9k to 4k and another one from 30k to 20k... (german website)
I'm very sure that the keyword you were targeting was a Seasonal/Trendy keyword (for example - lindsay lohan jail) because I'm not experiencing any drops in searches.
one term I checked the other day (def not a trendy word) has gone from 450k to a '-' i.e zero

but i am sure thats not correct.

search google for 'keyword tool drops' and check the first few blogs out particulary the richquickreview site (i cant post URL's yet)
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It was mentioned on this forum couple of days ago that there was update in Google.
Anyways - new numbers are shit and have nothing to do with reality.
If your keyword had 200K then probably will still have something like that.
You can PM me your keyword and I can check it for you if its getting what you are hoping for.

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