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    Two months ago I started my keyword research and I found my keyword (2 words) with 6600 monthly global searches (exact), competition was low but not lowest (KEYWORDTOOL by google) and 1.5-2.5$.

    Well the problem is that I tried out SEnukeX yesterday and when I did keyword research for the same keyword I have been ranking for (1.5 months alrdy) and on page 3-4 (global) it said: Don't even bother (ranking for the keyword).

    Unfortunately I was noob and my domain does not have any word of the keyword I'm ranking for.
    I haven't invested in any backlinking as I have no capital to afford that. I did manual backlinking (I'm lazy and not that much).

    Now I'm getting av. 20 UV's daily and have made somewhat ?6 (8 dollars) through adsense.

    The big question is: Is SEnukeX providing bad quality information?
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    Google's competition field in the keyword tool is for adwords competition, not for other competing websites. For competition analysis, use tools such as TrafficTravis and MarketSamurai.
    In fact, if you plan on using adsense, the higher the competition shown in the keyword tool the better. It means there are more advertisers and you will always have some ads to show on your site (generally higher paying due to the competition as well).
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