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    I'm writing at the moment an article for my new niche site and I don't know if I should split my article in 2 or write one really big and informative?

    At the moment I have 1200 words and I could add at least 800 more words.

    But on the other side I also want to write a FAQ about this product and I think alone for the FAQ I need another 800-1200 words.

    I need to use often the productname in my FAQ and I also often used the productname (my keywords) in my pillar article.

    I'm afraid about keyword suffering when I add the FAQ in my big pillar article.

    On the other side when I make a new article for my FAQ I use 2 times the same keyword (1x in my pillar article and 1x in my FAQ) and I don't know which article will than rank for my product keyword?

    What should I do? Will my visitors really read a 3k+ article and what do you think about my keyword suffering?
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    Create your content however long you like. There isn't really a limit on how long it is and I doubt google would penalize you for having a unique article that isn't full of crap. The point im making is keyword stuffing is a load of crap. Here is an example

    Keyword buttons

    "hi im going to show you all about my buttons, my buttons are awesome I have been making buttons for a long time, you could say i come from a long line of buttons makers. So if your at all interested in my buttons then why not check out the rest of this post about buttons. You will fall in love with buttons all over again!"

    Now this is keyword stuffing, it's not natural at all who really writes like this? Now I could take a look at your article and see if it needs breaking down. I don't blame you if you wont share it because of "competition" etc. But all the advice I can give you is that, does it look natural? Are you over using the keywords? In particular over using similar keywords like "button, buttons or any button variations" (button mad here....). Even trying to force your keyword into a title is not the way to go. Most rankings of sub keywords rank naturally. Even if the keyword only appears a handful of times.

    Lets say have a keyword density of around 5% of the article with some variations have it in least one title and try to have it within the post title too. Google are not 100% with best practices all they want you to do is create unique awesome content. If you really need to do up to 2k do it. I do repair manuals and there around 3k and sit on page 1. The ones above me are around 1k but they are big, big sites. Just keep telling yourself "content is king" if your content is just woffle it wont rank and you may get penalized especially if it's similiar to other sites.
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    Well they might read a 3k article if what they're looking for is in there somewhere and they feel you are leading them to it.

    If you're just spinning around in circles, they'll probably leave.

    I don't like long pages, but the latest Google updates seem to love long posts. So do what G wants.