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    Having been slapped by panda over the last few weeks I have been doing some quite detailed research into tactics displayed by my competitors who are ranking.

    I am seeing a number of examples where sites are placing a list of kw (just one mention of about 10 kw's) low down on the home page.... Some of these sites seem to be ranking for some of these kw where there is no other explanation (on the page) as to why.

    A competitor (and a friend of mine, he would not know what BW was if it bit him in the arse) has just had his web man (established company) build him a new site on his existing and aged domain (6 years+). I know for an absolute fact that this site did not rank for this particular KW previously. Granted the site does contain some unique copy but barely readable and it tends to rabble, but unique all the same. Clearly written to get around the unique algo.
    In terms of global monthly searches it is low hanging fruit at 22,000 odd but this site is ranking top three.

    I am familiar with the backlink pattern of this site and there is nothing unusual and certainly no anchors to explain why this is, in fact there are very few backlinks and most appear to be directory submissions (this is a bricks and mortar business to no doubt that is built into the diverse backlinking part of the algo).

    Perverse in that I though kw stuffing went out years ago. Just another part of the jigsaw for the community to mull over.

    Anyone else seeing results from KW stuffing?
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    This is a great question!

    One thing that comes to mind is the method by which you are researching rankings in SERP's for the sites you refer to. Geo-targeting, being logged in or out of Google and other factors can cause the order to search results to vary drastically based on the location of the machine that is performing the search. You are right that search engines still frown upon irrelevant keywords in meta tags and in copy.

    You could try using software such as that found at to gauge where those other sites fall in the rankings. You could also try running queries on other machines, other search engines, different browsers and logged in and out of Google to test how the results vary. Perhaps there are other factors such as backlinks that you haven't noticed that are causing these sites to rank well despite their keyword stuffing tactics.

    These resources offer good information on SERP placement and measurement,

    This link highlights some tools for tracking SERP placement although you may not be able to track competitor's websites.

    Hope this helps,