Keyword stuffing in heading tags, your opinion on my thoughts

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    Its long post so beware.

    Im into page optimization since long time and the more I know the more questions I have, and these questions can only be answered by either experience or tests. I know theres no perfect content optimization, but I want to know as much as I can.

    Sooo as far as I know heading without keyword is a wasted heading so it basically means we should put a keyword in our h1, h2, h3 and even h4 tags (if we have any). Not the same keyword, but similar ones and synonyms along with forms. There are many sources saying that Google only cares about H1 and H2. Not sure if this is true.

    What i am doing before writing a post is choosing a lot of keywords and their various forms.
    Then writing it in H1 which is titletag as well, in fact its just post name.

    I do something like this (call it example A) :
    "Free Tibia Hack Cheat Bot 2017 Download"

    Its some sort of keyword stuffing, its not exact phrase cause the title would have to be (call it example B) :
    "Free Tibia Hack Download Tibia Cheat Download Tibia Bot Download"

    This is probably called overoptimization and its bad for seo. Im not doing that obviously.

    However i never got penalized for using synonyms and related niche keywords (Like in example A) (even if it makes no sense for human to put synonym after synonym in a phrase), and this way it should give more power to searching for keywords like:
    - "Tibia Hack"
    - "Tibia Cheat"
    - "Tibia Bot"
    Its obvious most content on the web is not getting seo power it could get just by page/content optimization, but google simply doesn't let us know that.

    Another question is that, what do you think about putting only keywords and no other text in headings like H2 and H3, H4 (especially H2) for SEO?
    Of course no ove rfilled headings with keywords like the title. The title is one, so i stuffed many keywords there. however there are many heading tags u can use (except H1 which is title).
    So I would use something like:
    H2 - "Tibia Hack"
    H3 - "Tibia Hacks Download"
    H2 - "Tibia Cheat"
    h3 - "Tibia Cheat Engine"
    H2 - "Tibia Bot"

    And of course some related text to these headings under each of them.
    I usually put some blatant text to H2,h3,h4 to make it look natural for google bots, like
    "Tibia Hack is the modern way to get into top"
    Of course this text is sure useless for seo bots cause nobody will search such phrase.
    I have a feeling H2 Tag with only "Tibia Hack" and no more useless text will have higher positive influence on searching for this short keyword.

    The problem here is that it also makes it unnatural.

    TL DR
    My questions are:

    - Can google differentiate if I have only keyword synonyms in heading tags and no other text? because isnt that "keyword synonym" that is consistent of couple words visible as other text to google bots anyway? Or maybe i should include some stop words (a, they,their,of,and - and more like that) so google doesnt see this as overoptimization?

    - Does google care about h3 and h4 headings in meaning of positive seo influence?

    - What do you think about using keywords only (along with synonyms/long-tail forms of main keyword/plural and singular forms/misspelings and such) in heading tags? Like keyword per heading.

    - Is the way i structure titles smart or might get me penalised? <main keyword + additional important word + synonym +synonym + something like "download/free/working">

    - Keyword density, myth or not?

    Im aware you cant tell me for 100%, but if you tell me what you think then it might help me make things done neat next time i write post.
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    I doubt you can be penalized based on title or description tags, but you definitely need to watch out your heading tags and keyword density as these would have an impact.