Keyword Researchers Needed - Must Meet Requirements Below...

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    Hey peeps,

    I have hired a lot of people from here and I am very happy with the majority, so thought I would offer this job here too.

    I need freelancers to find me keywords based on the following criteria:
    1: The keyword must be a product, or related to a product in amazon.
    2: The keyword must have a FULL Adwords profile when you search it in Google. Meaning all 10 spots must be filled.
    3: The keyword must have a CPC of at least $1.65.
    4: The keyword must be searched for at least 5000 times a month on EXACT with the location settings set to ALL and the language setting on ENGLISH.

    I know those requirements are pretty specific. If your up to the task then either pm me here, or add me on Skype. I have the Skype info on my profile, or you can just add me by clicking the icon next to my name.

    I enjoy giving back to the community that has given me so much in the past. I will also pay per keyword that matches my requirements.

    Thanks peeps.