keyword research


Nov 10, 2011
I have been wondering if it is necessary to do keyword research since I don't really like to add in keywords which might make the article looks pretty off.

Can any experienced internet marketer advice on this issue?I believe that keyword research is not as important as quality content.
I believe that keyword research is not as important as quality content.

Good luck, you're going to need it! There is always a way to get your keyword in your content a few times without having it read like shit, just think outside the box.
Even if we insert keywords we can make the content awesome, so it is necessary.
You can keep the keywords density to 1%-2% and generate a unique high quality content. It will help you achieve high rankings.
Also 1-2% may be in some cases more then enough . If you write naturally I think you can get it in there a few times. If it's a 3 word keyword that might be hard , but you don't need to, if your content is about the subject ; with the new panda I am seeing more and more content going to page 1 without trying very hard to keep a density.

I don't even think of density when I am writing an article.
Density usually comming up naturaly when you develop your writing it is not necessary to pay heavy attention. Regarding keyword research - that will save your timing of your ranking effort! If you need it fast you should fine great keyword....if you have a lot of time - go for any keyword out there - great content will always deliver.....;)
to make the quality content you gonna need a good and heigh pr keyword, besides your content would become dull. I recommend you just pay at least an week on finding a good and suitable keyword for your content.
to rank the keyword you must have to do keyword research. Yeah quality content is more important than keyword research; but along with quality content it will give you very better and instant result.
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