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Oct 28, 2010
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Is there a tool preferably free, that i can import a list of scraped keywords into and the tool will tell me how many searches per month each keyword gets searched.

Obviously i could do this manually but im talking hundreds of keywords.
H-Supertool would be great choice for you. You can check it.
Awesome mate exactly what i was looking for..

Now to just get a quick way to check the competition of these keywords

I'm the developer of this tool; it's free and will remain free; still in beta; you could join the beta here:

Try this
- Google keyword planner
- Keyword Surfer chrome extension
keysearch is a cheap alternative or just use google keyword planner tool
Google Search Console
Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
Google Keyword Planner
keyword planner and Keyword Surfer chrome extension both are good.
KS is free, while KEW isn't; both are inaccurate compared with Google keyword planner....
Issue with that tool is Surfer Data sometimes doesn't give a search volume and cpc for a keyword while most other tools give their estimate. All tools give estimates that I know none is the accurate one.
best and free kw tools was google kw planner was best fopr free if you need paid tools then go for ahref
Hello @nickjett, Give a try with these tools,

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