Keyword Research - The Downfall of Me

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    Ever since joining BHW few years back I've always been attracted to the idea of making money from Micro Niche Sites over other numerous methods I constantly come across.

    But where I think I always fail is Keyword Research.

    I put up a WordPress site in late 2014 and after only $0.98 in Amazon affiliate earning I let the domain dropped in 2015. Though I noticed that my main keywords are ranking in page 2 and 3 of google with the little backlink I did. I didn't do any keyword research I only followed a guide from the Download section.

    Now, after trying other methods with no success, I want to start where I left off. I've re-acquired my old domain but keyword research is giving me headaches. Even after signing up for the trial version of a couple of tools, and reading keyword research guide of members like Hekke and Spliplash.

    My question:
    Is my keyword easy to rank if:

    1. Many websites, with low PA and DA, are showing up in the first page of google for a keyword targeted at US audience?

    2. More than one YouTube video, with no backlink, is showing up in first page of Google.

    3. Sub-domains are ranking in first page. Example: or

    4. A couple of Facebook pages are already ranking in page 1.

    5. Amazon India is showing up in page 1 for a keyword targeted at US audience.

    6. Lastly, 2 different pages, with very low PA and DA, from a single authority site are ranking on page 1 of Google.

    I will appreciate any help on this.