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    Hi :eek:

    In google keyword tool when i am searching for keywords should
    i use in Match Types "Exact match" or "Broad match" ? I know what are differences....
    but i dont know which option is better and why ? with "Exact match" is much harder to find
    good keyword.

    Thank you !
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    When performing keyword research always stick to 'exact' match. This will tell you approximately how many searches there are per month for that exact term. It's harder to find good keywords yes, but it's the correct way to do it. Download a free trial of market samurai and it'll make it easier to discover long tail keywords that you can rank for quickly.
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    First of all make sure you sign up for an Google Adwords account, it's free and you get much more results.

    Exact is the most accurate short term.
    Broad is long term, this is what you could be part of after you've really established your site.
    Phrase is searches containing your keyword that you may rank for.

    This is why you should always really look at exact.

    Example if your Keyword is "Green Socks"

    Exact would be the result when anyone types in "Green Socks"
    Broad would be any search containing your keywords e.g "SOCKS that are GREEN"
    Phrase is any phrase containing your keywords "I want to buy GREEN SOCKS"

    If you optimize your site for the keyword "Green Socks" you will start off ranking for that EXACT term... over time if your site is valuable you'll start ranking for any PHRASE containing "Green Socks" and if your site becomes really strong you could start ranking for BROAD searches containing any of your Keywords.

    Hope this helps.
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