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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by leberquaeler, Mar 20, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    I have to say that forum makes me addictive so i have to read every day ;-). I'd open 3 different sites for affiliate marketing purposes. They are related to Men's Health products. The commissions are high and the competition is low compared to gambling or weight loss products. But till know there is no single ranking for my sites on google or yahoo. I thought about the sandbox or a google filter. But the question is why?
    I tried to submit to a max of 3-5 directories a day, 1 article to ezinearticles(for example) daily. Some bookmarks and so on. I can't really believe that google recognized that as spammy link buildung or something else.

    So what is your opinion. Absolutely no ranking after 4 month with a fresh content site and "natural" link building. Is this normal? I was thinking about doorwaypages to boost my ranking...But to be honest. I'm a little bit afraid :).

    So hopefully some friendly guys will help. Maybe with White SEO maybe with Blackhat SEO Tips :).

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    sorry but you havnt told us how many links that yahoo sees incoming and a lot of other things, if you dont want this info open to the public eye feel free to shoot me a pm with more info but there isnt much more that i can say atm
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    Do you know where your backlinks compare to your competition? If you don't try this free tool.
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    It's unusual in my experience to have a site with no rankings whatsoever in four months but it happens. It could be a lot of things though.

    It could be caused by the niche. Mens health has a lot of competition.

    Is your content well optimized with general seo tactics like keyword optimized content, page titles, tags, internal linking?

    Is your fresh content really fresh? Does it repeat on any of your three sites?

    Just a few possibilities. You didn't give a lot of details so it could be other things too.