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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by lagrimas175, Apr 18, 2010.

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    I work on the computer.
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    I have a learn French membership website (replace middle x to make the word "french", the guy in the videos is not me, he is my partner).

    I have not done any backlinking for it but the site has been up since last summer I feel the domain is old enough to start doing some backlinking.

    My question is, how should I find keywords to target for my backlinking efforts? Since I already know my niche, should I just use External Google Keyword Tool or should I still try using something like Keyword Elite or Micro Niche Finder?

    Also, because this is a membership website, most of the pages are behind the membership login so they can't be indexed. I really only have that one front page to link to. Should I just backlink to that page? Or should I try to create an individual page for each keyword I try to backlink for and backlink to that new subpage?

    My plan for backlinking is to use SENuke to make linkwheels and then use XRumer to create backlinks for each spoke in the linkwheel.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Don't tell me you own SEnuke and Xrumer yet you don't know how to find keywords to target? What the hell have you been doing with these tools?!

    Anyway, for Keyword research the first thing you should use is your head. Think of keywords that might convert and ones that might be popular. Then you can use google suggest and the keyword tool to find exactly what people are searching for. At this point a tool like market samurai or Micro niche finder might be helpful, as you can use them to work out traffic and competition easily but it can be done manually. You could also use the research module in SEnuke to get an idea of competition, thats if you actually own it.

    Also just look at the sites ranking on the front page as sometimes a keyword might not get much traffic but if its a profitable keyword the top few positions could be tough. If you see things like amazon, youtube, yahoo answers in the top results then you shouldn't have too much difficulty getting a decent rank. If there are lots of exact match domains then be careful as this is probably an indication that other marketers have beaten you to it so you will want to closely analyse there backlinks and site (eg number of pages indexed and on page seo) to see if its worth going to battle.
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