Keyword Phrases: Confused!

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    Hey all

    I would like some advice if its not to much trouble, this may seem a bit noob to some so if I make it sound complicated than it really sorry in advance :p

    If I tell what my site is doing it may make this question / help easier for anyone to answer / debate about.

    My site makes SE Friendly URLS from article names which then places the <title> into <h1>

    Lets pretend this page is called 'Gerbils can Eat Seeds - They love em'
    H1 Matches title
    URL Matches title
    Domain matches to the subject

    So lets asume I have that all correct

    Now you should know what I'm doing, now my question!

    I used to do keywords like word1, word2, word3 etc etc. Now i've read this isnt bad nor is it great.

    Keyword Phrases seem to be the thing at the moment along with it matching with H1, Title, and URL.

    Now my question: My page title is 'Gerbils can Eat Seeds - They love em'

    Would keyphrases

    Gerbil can eat Seeds, Gerbil Eat Seeds

    Now does keyphrase 1 listed above the same as 2? Since it holds the same words... I'm confused if you can use the same words but in different order or minus one word.

    Want to know the best way of doing it which matches h1, title, and content. its a subject on food so there are many different ways you can say it! and i'm trying to get good hits :p

    Discuss! Thanks
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    Not completely the same, but SEs often pick it up like that. If you build links for both, it shouldn't matter. If Gerbil can eat seeds gets quite a few searches, go with that, and then use both anchors for it. If the above phrase doesn't get much, but Gerbil Eats Seeds, then try and target that. That's my opinion. So in short, if they both get good searches, go with the phrase with both words in it (k1). If k2 gets a lot more searches, then just focus on trying to make that number one.
  3. Kaithe.Clarke

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    With my experience I can say that keyword 1 : Gebrils can eat seeds and Keyword 2 : Gebril eat seeds are different.

    But if you optimize your content for Keyword 1 then your content would get optimized for second keyword as well.
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    I find H1 tags in italics and also with an internal link works wonders