Keyword Order - does it matter?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by PhiltheBear, Feb 16, 2009.

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    I've got a number of sites - some of which hold #1 Google positions - but I'm always trying to increase my web footprint (on the basis of 'the more sites you have, the more hits you get").

    Something that has interested me for a while - and I really don't know the answer - is whether or not the order of keywords makes much difference.

    For example, suppose I want to put up a diet/slimming site and I want to use the keywords 'big', 'fat', 'woman'. My obvious choice of site name would be '' but, if you really want to check, you'd see that the name is already registered and points to a porn site. The obvious alternative of '' is also in use. But '' isn't.

    If I follow all the normal 'rules' of white hat SEO then I'm going to have to incorporate woman-fat-big as a phrase several times in my home page text (not easy) as well as the usual image names, alt texts, etc.

    The question is - what difference would it make if I used big-fat-woman as a text phrase? And, if I did so, should I change all the other stuff that I'd normally use from 'woman-fat-big'?

    BTW - I've hit #1 on Google with sites with no backlinks / articles at all using pure site content - and I'm still there over a year later, so I really don't want to know about the advantages of those methods in this thread. Can we please try and keep to the specific question? Thanks all.