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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by 730promo, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I have been running SEO on a small/medium website for several years. I have 10 keywords which im trying to rank for and have managed to rank well for all of them apart from one which is proving challenging. After getting the site from not ranking in the top 100 on any keywords to getting many keywords in the top 10 and eventually i managed to get the keyword we want to rank for the most to position three in Google UK. Then i was hit by Google Panda. I fell from position 3 to position 10 and although i have made progress on all my other main keywords i cant seem to bring the main one back up the rankings. I have purchased several high page rank links (PR7 + PR 6 rented links on authority domains with minimal external links) to the page as well as doing link wheels, blog commenting, social bookmarking etc however it hasnt effected the keyword for about 3 months despite all the time spent on it.

    If anyone can help me with this problem i would be highly grateful for any advice given

    Thanks in advance
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    If you purchased or rented high PR links from authority domain it does not mean you are getting that PR flow to your site, because someone might have reported that high PR domain website for selling links, it may still rank high but it will no longer flow PR juice to outgoing links.

    My friend has a same problem as far as keywords are not moving, he send reconsideration request to google - google said that no manual action was applied to his website.

    So therefore it is penalization from google's automated algorithm which usually lasts for up to 6 months.
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    A few things that you need to look at is who is in the top 10 spots.

    I have seen that more real company sites are ranking better now with the new updates. Doesn't mean that they have more links or anything.

    Google looks at a lot of stuff when it comes to ranking sites.

    I have been testing different sites using different things. I have noticed that if its a real site and i set up google tracking, adsense and adwords and do the plus one deal that those sites are ranking a lot faster than the ones that i dont do this two.

    Other than that links are the same on all the test sites from same locations. Key terms are about the same