Keyword difficulty and ebay/amazon/pinterest

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by kontentdruid, May 23, 2017.

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    Hey yall

    When searching for a product, how do you measure the staying power of ebay category pages, amazon category or product pages, and pinterest '17 best ideas about ___' pages when it comes to SERPS

    I noticed a lot of people on this forum will say that you dont need to worry about these broad pages (including youtube and wikipedia) because they arent necessarily targeting your core keyword, or they have a PA of 1, or they simply have no content on the pages except for maybe an h1. Many here have said that a brand new domain, with lets say a few k words of content, aged a few months after propped up with a bunch of pbn links, can outrank these big websites.

    Curious to hear anyone's thoughts/experience on the matter. I noticed that ebay often has an h1 and an even a paragraph of content at the bottom of the page, but amazon and pinterest at best have an h1, yet are usually rankning right up there in the top 3. How hard are they to dislodge?