Keyword Density, SeoQuake, Display:none; Problem.

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    Hey guys

    I have a website which has large articles, rather than having users having to scroll down 6 pages of data per a page I have a split the pages into hidden sections.

    I am using display:none; and using JQuery to use a modal popup on certain elements though out the page.


    Page <Gerbils can eat many nuts>
    Intro text goes here, and some pictures.

    Then we have 3 buttons, which will open nutrition data for each nut type.

    The Question!
    I have checked, double checked, and triple checked but willing to accept if all these sites are wrong, I have read that google is ok with websites using display:none; all elements will be scanned and listed by google.

    The reason I ask when using SEOquake to check keyword density it is not scanning the data within the hidden elements, I am using the Chrome extension of SEOquake.

    Is this a oversight or bug by SEOquake?
    or could display;none actually be a bad thing for my site?...