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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Pauli66, Jun 30, 2012.

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    just a bit unsure about something. so I have set up a site in an competitive enough niche, looking to build and authority site. I have my site main keyword and done the on page SEO, say "Healthy food" I then find some more keywords for more articles, so I see "Benefits of carrots" has 1000 exact monthly searches, now I want to write an article for the keyword "Benefits of carrots" but I don't think "Benefits of carrots" sounds to catchy for a post title or it does not exactly describe what the topic is about, I would rather my post title was "The Benefits of carrots for your health" but optimizing for the keyword " "Benefits of carrots"

    So i have 2 possible page titles;

    "Benefits of carrots" which gets 1000 searches a month
    "The Benefits of carrots for your health" get 50 searches a month

    Can I used the page title "The Benefits of carrots for your health"whilst optimizing for "Benefits of carrots" is it possible or do I need to use "Benefits of carrots" in my
    title to get the max results for this keyword?

    sorry if I confused anybody!!

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    From what I have read, in these situations when you are having to choose between "natural language" and "optimized keywords", you should always default to the natural language, although I'm not sure why. Google has LSI and can interpret approximate meaning, and G constantly says they want sites "optimized" for people and not robots. Plus, there ought to be ways to work-in the precise keyword(s) while still reading naturally, so I vote for natural language titling, and skillful writing to make exact keywords sound natural.
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    use both keywords in title section separated by link. in keyword section second keyword use.,in seo-keyword section used both keywords.
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