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Keysikg's journey to 50$/day - PPI + SEO

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by keysikg, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. keysikg

    keysikg Regular Member

    May 16, 2012
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    Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself. I am 18 year old, from Serbia. I started learning about Internet marketing 2 years ago. I tried PPD, on FileIce, and I made 4.2k$ total from it. I didn't know much when I started, actually, I didn't know 10% of stuff I know now, but I was still making some nice money, because I didn't mind spamming Facebook pages,groups,related websites with my landing page with PPD. When I fell off wagon, I couldn't get back. Everything became way harder. It became "impossible" for me to spam Facebook pages+top comments, Facebook became way more strict. I tried YouTube, same thing like Facebook. So I quit.

    I am finishing high school, 4 more months left, and I will be most likely going to private college for IT. I will most likely do study it via online course, I don't really want to go to other city to attend classes because of current financial and family problems. Things are little better now, specially because I started running away from my problems. I quit drinking 4 months ago, and started my weight loss journey. I went from 211 lbs(96kg) to 160lbs(72kg) in less than 4 months. If you have problem with weight try keto, it saved my life.

    I have problems with overanalyzing things too much. I can spend 12 hours a day reading tutorials, methods and everything and not even a minute taking action. It's time to change that. I won't be going with some easy spamming route this time, I want steady income, which will earn me nice money daily, no more 50$ day then 5 days of 5$. I spent 2 weeks deciding which journey to start, and I decided to go with PPI, pretty much because it is same as PPD, and I have experience there. I was looking into Kindle ebooks/Clickbank and few more methods, but I will definitely go with this one, and won't quit.

    Here is my plan:

    - Multi niche Wordpress website where I will promote my blackhat niches. 1 niche - 1 post. I was doing 1 website-1 niche before, but I think I will have more success with multi niche website, I think it is easier to rank, and EMDs specially with newly created domains, would take way longer to rank.

    I bought 4 letter domain, good DA/PA, good TF,CF, 14 year old and has some backlinks(non spammy ones). I see that my new homepage got indexed in Google within 2 days when I created website.

    I bought 2 more domains, 1 has 14k backlinks, from what I have checked they aren't spam, and 1 has way less backlinks but still, I used 301 redirect on them to my website. I never did that, but it seems fine. I am not sure if I should redirect some more trusted domains to my posts, never saw that anyone did that. If niche has potential, would this help me to rank that specific post/keyword?

    I won't be spending days on trying to find new niches this time. I will go with quantity. I have "authority" domain, shouldn't be tough to rank specific niches. I will be using niches that are already found by someone else, if they have quality video/screenshots of generators or so on, I will use them. I know how to find niches. I will be also trying to find some very unique ones which nobody started promoting yet.

    When I was doing PPD, I wasn't spending money on anything except 1 or 2$ on godaddy domain, and few more $ on hosting there. But now I got some money I will invest in this when needed.

    Things I bought:

    - GSA SER 89$
    - 10 semi dedicated proxies on buyproxies.org 10$/month
    - Ezee rank tracker 20$/month (wanted to go with Serpbook but I think I will need shitloads of keywords, and I don't want to be limited)
    - 1 year of hosting on Namecheap - 19$ but I paid 15$ for 1st year, which is outstanding deal. I heard nice things about their hosting.

    So I will be spending 30$ month on rank tracker and proxies for GSA, and probably 7-8$ on VPN I use for some things.

    My plan is to make a lot of niches on website and promote each niche with backlinks until they rank well. I don't have to rank in very top for each keyword, I will be going with quantity - but with quality landing pages.

    If you see any flaws in my plan, feel free to say. If you have any advice, I will appreciate it. I know that multi niche website is kinda risky because if it gets deindexed you are losing all your income. So I will be starting few 1 niche-1website soon, when I start getting closer to my goal. 95% of journeys here are abandoned, because people give up and move on. I was like that, but I won't be like that this time. I will post daily updates, will answer questions, and I am really hoping to learn a lot from this journey here, so any advice is more than welcome, specially if you have experience in this field. My school starts tomorrow, I will have less time than I did have in last 3 weeks, but doesn't matter, I will take action every day, I had enough analyzing.

    I will count Day 1 from tomorrow, though I will try to take action today, at least to find some niches and material to start making posts on website.

    This was a bit longer post than I expected. I hope I will succeed, and If I manage to motivate at least 1 person, I will be the happiest man.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. mihai1497

    mihai1497 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jul 22, 2013
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    Hey keysikg,

    Good luck with your journey, I have one too with seo+ppi :) You said you will use one site but you should build more sites, if you build one and it get hit by a google update you lose everything but if you have more sites there are chances to survive few of them.
  3. nsinalis11

    nsinalis11 BANNED BANNED

    Dec 11, 2014
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    Good luck with your work !!
  4. wizard04

    wizard04 Elite Member

    Apr 1, 2014
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    Outside your house
    Good luck with your journey and don't quit.
    You are only 18 you have the world and time in your hands, just don't hurry and accidentally fuck it up.
    Samo pazljivo, praticu tvoj progres mozda i ja da naucim nesto novo.
  5. RaeZine

    RaeZine Newbie

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Good luck with your journey.
  6. aditya4all

    aditya4all Junior Member

    Mar 3, 2014
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    Same boat here! I have also started to do SEO + PPI/CPA. SUBSCRIBED!
  7. Red Giant

    Red Giant Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 1, 2013
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    It's look like good. Good luck .