Keylogger that works with Avast?

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    Hey All

    Soooo, last year I helped out a company that had really bad infections among one group of users. The employees kept downloading "free" games and AIM smileys and shite and passing them around to each other. Then when the crappy protection they used howled in pain the users would shut it down and leave their machines wide open. Can't disable admin rights for this group: unfortunately the users need admin control otherwise the (other) crappy app they all require (built for Win98!!) won't run.

    I got the machines rebuilt and protected with Avast 4.8 Pro and SpySweeper. NOW almost a year later there are other sorts of hijinks going on with that same damn group and the bosses want me to install a keylogger so they can track down the ringleader(s).

    Of course Avast and SpySweeper don't like keyloggers. Is there a way for me to install something like Ardamax in an Avast environment? Exceptions or something? I don't have any experience with loggers so I don't know how to work around security. I've never installed one.