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Key to success > investing slow

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by funkybunker, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. funkybunker

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    May 14, 2013
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    Within 3 years on this forum, I have stumbled upon too many discouraged members. Most people tend to dive in quick (which isn't a bad thing) and give up even quicker.

    Take my word for it: We are here to sell.

    Be it services or products - we are salesmen and sales is a numbers game. Your job isn't to refine and micro-manage every action, every day. The world around you will teach you that results come slow.
    I know you're reading the latest overnight-success stories but those are ironically there to sell clicks = advertising space. Everybody's selling something. Nothing good comes fast (on average) and that's important to know from the start. You'll risk making impulsive, emotional decisions if you keep thinking that everyone around you is a success after working a couple hours per day.

    You are playing a numbers game. Get your numbers up, make big decisions later.

    Stop stressing over your sales funnel, ROI, etc. If your traffic-pool is too small to analyze, you're not ready for those yet. Imagine being a scrawny teen who thinks hitting the gym twice and eating a huge meal will make him the hulk. This shit takes time.

    So remember to focus on the basics: Get a basic idea of the demographic you're approaching > draft a message to deliver them > deliver it to thousands of them. Stop using steroids (expensive tools) and inaccurate data early on. You're making this job more stressful than it actually is.

    Go out there and stir up some more traffic for your business. Put some meat on your company's bones before trying to compete at the olympics. You'll get there in time.
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