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    Note: I originally posted this in Black Hat SEO, but I believe it fits better here.

    Greetings All,
    I am a long time user of Wordtracker and thought that I knew how to use it quite effectively. I have always used Google (within Wordtracker) exclusively, as my barometer. When I have done competition analysis I have NOT used quotation marks, on the premise that this would provide a more realistic (if pessimistic) view. Now, I'm finding that the standard measure for competing pages (# of search results) is not a very effective one. I am also hearing that using quotation marks is better, since it does address the exact phrase, though this still seems to provide a less than ideal measure of the competitiveness of a key term.

    Anchor text analysis is prominently recommended as a valid means of measuring key term competitiveness. Is it realistic to use anchor text analysis to filter long lists (thousands) of key terms?

    The true question, in my long-winded way, is what is the best (time-efficient) tool or combination of tools for finding the optimal key terms, meaning that they have competition that isn't mountainously high and enough searches to make a difference?