Keeping Your Ass Intact with PPD

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by InsanelySane, Sep 3, 2014.

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    I've got a particularly blackhat way to earn with PPD. However, no matter how anonymous I am to the world, I am still giving my real info to the PPD network and would like to avoid a ban and any other issues.

    I know a large chunk of PPD users on bhw are uploading files that are either: hacks, cracks, fakes, or copyrighted material (music, ebooks, phone games, other games, virtually everything you dont personally own, etc)

    Reading over a few PPD networks TOS -- they all include these which stick out to me:

    • offering cash or any other incentives to other users as an allurement to download your files;
    • uploading fake files;
    • infringement of any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual proprietary rights of any person;
    • Advertise or claim that downloading any file hosted through our services is free.
    • Use any method or program to trick users into sharing or liking pages that lead to your download links on any social network.

    In other words virtually everyone on bhw doing PPD is doing it against their PPD networks TOS.

    Now I was going to ask if people use buffer sites to avoid ban by hiding from the PPD network where their traffic comes from.

    IE: YT/Social Media > Your game crack site > blank blogger landing pages with just PPD urls on page > PPD download (where filename is worded to look not illegal ie: "gtafunpack" rather than "gtacrack")

    However, I am seeing people direct linking cracked/copyright/fake files from youtube straight to the PPD download.

    So do most PPD networks simply not care? Is the TOS not enforced and just there for legality concerns or?

    Like I said my method is directly against every PPD networks TOS and would like to avoid ban.