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    About two months ago I had a firm grasp of general SEO concepts, but didn't understand how to speed up (or even automate) the link building process with useful programs, services and methodologies. Thanks to BHW, I feel like I've progressed more in that span than I did the previous 12 months.

    Now what I'm trying to wrap my head around is how to manage all the accounts that you create (forums, article directories, blog websites, etc.). I currently use Excel to manage my important accounts that I use on a weekly basis, however is it useful to keep even more account information than that?

    For instance, if you do a forum blast, do you keep account info for each profile if you want to manually post something on a related forum, or add websites to your profile pages down the road? How about websites where you need to register to post blog comments - do you guys have 100's of accounts that you manually use to post?

    What I'm trying to best figure out is how to manage my time in terms of manual link building vs. url harvesting and automation - particularly when it comes to brand new domains as opposed to aged ones.

    I have one blogspot blog that has been up for about a year and a half - made me $100 in the first couple of months but rankings slipped and I had to focus my efforts on school so I'm just beginning to get back into the swing of things.

    I figure this site is a perfect opportunity to scale up the link building efforts a bit since it's been around and ranked fairly well for almost two years. It has almost no blog comment links or forum links so that is what I'm working on now with $crapebox. However, I don't want to push too hard with a couple of domains that I bought within the past two months.

    Any input or discussion is welcome!