Keep your referrers clean as any AFF would like

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    Hi there

    I wrote a little post years back about referrers. Still see a lot of people not quite sure how it all works - AND how to control them easily.
    The post I did years back had some checking website which is no longer up and running so I decided to help you guys getting that clean ass referrer.

    By checking the referrer, the new page can see where the request came from. So your AFF, Adsense etc. can see where exactly the traffic came from.
    There are some great server-side solutions - but you can do it very easy just using plain HTML (very old-school but works great)

    The key here is to use iframes.

    When you iframe an URL - always look at the page where the link is located. The closest containing page will always be the referrer for the link.If you have nested iframes the referrer for the iframe is the closest containing iframe or page.

    No iframe - then it will be the previous page the user came from.

    Use this at your advantage.
    If you want to send a lot of traffic for a page and don't want to show people where the traffic is from. Simply iframe it from another page on your site and all traffic will be from this url.

    This is the very basics. A lot can be done server-wise but I find this very easy to use.

    Are you in doubt what the referrer is - use the website:

    Hope that helped a bit.
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