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Oct 11, 2009
Is there a way of finding out what websites a person owns? Not what name a domain is registered to. It would be useful to know what niches the top guys are in and what they're sites look like.
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Google his name or his business name. You might find this a surprisingly obvious answer, but more often than not, it's really that simple.
I remember watching something from Howie schwartz... I dont think I cant actually talk about it, but I know it was either black hat war or bhw is back and he had a quest talk about a way to track the registrars of people... I know it was towards the end of the program so if you can get your hands on it there is a ton of info on how to do stuff with websites and owners and such.
Check out, you can search for a domain then use the whois info such as email, name, address to find any other websites.

You need to pay for the premium reports, but the amount of information they have is impressive.


It shows the name owns 229 domains, and the specific email owns 29 domains.
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The gurus only sell over priced crap to IM junkies, they dont actually make the dream, they sell the dream, they sell the shovel!!!! Ive looked for gurus sites before, I think they would hide them pretty well, I thought it would be on BHW though, how to find it, do you know what the howie swarz product is that he mentioned that stuff fitnessjeff?
I just went back to look for it. It came off of black hat war his first bh product.

you can find most of it off of or whatever link the guy earlier posted. I was messing around with it earlier but it looks like you have to pay for the good stuff.

Yea I learned quickly that the im guys made there money not by doing what they promote... but by selling how they do what they do.

Makes me wonder what I could sell if I wanted to basically scam. No more buying products... much rather download then buy now adays.
Look up the reverse DNS of a site. You can figure out what sites are hosted on the same IP. Then again, if they're good they won't have all their stuff on one IP. :)
Bumping this thread up because I want to know if anyone has paid the money to get a whoisdomain report on someones domains and is it worth the money?

I don't want to fork out hundreds of dollars and see they haven't provided what I was looking for.
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