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Keep Posting On Niche Domain (Amazon Site) With Authority Or Start Over On Better Domain

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by freckletone, Dec 28, 2015.

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    I have a very niche amazon affiliate site that has some good authority so when i make new posts outside the niche it ranks well and fast....

    however someone else told me it was retarded to try to build an authority site on such a niche domain but start over on a better domain for better branding etc... The only prob is that my niche site has more authority, links and age... imo it doesn't matter what the domain is because people will still buy regardless as long as i rank... im not really trying to build an "authority site" like he claims but just build more content and rank....

    say for example you have a site with a domain like

    besteyecreams.com (just as an example, not my site) and it has lots of authority.. so every post you make now ranks.. even when you make posts targeting "best face creams", "best hair hair dryer", "best face wash" etc.....

    and they rank well on besteyecreams.com .... is it still better to start over on a less established domain that has a better name that isn't so niche like "skincaresite.com" etc ... then i would need to build more links to that domain obv in order to get the authority up and that's a pain in the ass

    my friend told me it was retarded to keep posting on an domain that was "best+productname" even though it's easier to rank on there. Am I better off starting off on a better domain name?
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