Keep hosting and Domains separated

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    Oct 12, 2008
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    I read regularly that people get their account suspended.
    Spamming, term violations, stupid hosters and other reasons.

    It's a golden rule to keep hosting and domainmanagement separated.
    You need to keep the power in your hands!

    If your hosting account gets suspended then all you have to do is get a new one and direct the domains to point there.
    Within an hour the whole story is finished.

    What I do:
    I keep a live backup of my server.
    Every hour I transfer everything (database content, database files, configuration data, scripts and html files, images etc) to a backup server.

    When my hosted server is gone I'd do this:
    Directly go to a good VPS hoster, sign up and get the stuff ready.
    Point the domains to the VPS hoster, transfer data from backup.
    Within 1-3 hours everything is up to normal for my customers.
    Then I have the time to buy new dedicated servers.

    The same strategy works for normal webhosting accounts of course.

    * You need your data backed up and up2date.
    * You need your domain in YOUR hands, control the IPs and hostnames by yourself not by a stupid hosting company.

    You can use own nameservers for that (most professional), or a hosted nameserver. as example has nameservers + webinterface for free when you buy a domain. (if you wanna try, i got an affil link at that gives discount on .com domains)

    You really do not want the troubles when your hosting gets suspended and all your stuff is locked.
    Or worse, your hosted steals your domains as soon as they bring in good traffic ;)
    And it's often very difficult to switch hosting companies when they control your domains, they don't like you switching.
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    Oct 6, 2008
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    Yep! Keep domains and hosting separated.

    What I use for backups: hourly cronjobs to save the databases and rsync to get the stuff to my backup server. I use a hard-linking schema, so I do not waste too much space - could only be better if using incremental/differential backups and compressing, but local storage on your own computer is very cheap.
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    Jun 20, 2008
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    Yes indeed. GoDaddy for domains and other hosting where cPanel backs up twice a day. Automation is a beautiful thing :)
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    Nov 20, 2008
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    Couldn't agree more with this. You gotta keep hold of your domains so I use go daddy for domain and my sites are hosted at another site. Learn't this the hard way!!