Keep getting Kicked off unsecured network at local school.


Jan 7, 2009
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I use the unsecured wireless connection at a local college. Lately I have not bee able to matain a connection at all.The connection is still unsecure and all of the "real students" I talk to tell me they have no problems staying connected. I change to diffrent locations on campus, i.e.Library, Admin Building, Students Lounge, etc. on the campus and it works for awhile then dies. Now, I can't find a location where it works at all. None of the students are having this problem. And none of them have to use proxies, ID, passwords or do anything different than I am doing.

I think the IT/Admin people are blocking my IP address and not admitting it. Is this possible and how do I get around it?

Thanks for your help.
I work from home and like to go on the campus to break up the monotony and be around people. Can't afford a 3G card and service card right now so I need to use their unsecured network from time to time.
most uni's over here have software you have to install and you enter your student details and that logs you on. Maybe you need something like that?

Or just go to starbucks / anywhere in town and use theres?
how can they block your IP address if you are getting your ip address from them?
maybe MAC address
Hum, not the IP address. That it's given after connecting to the network.

They may have blacklisted your MAC Address. Get a mac address spoofer, google it
This coulod be it. However, I use a PC. Is there something similar for PC's?

Ooop's.. Sorry for me being dumb. I thought MAC was the computer not the "MAC Address". I'm checking it out.
If other students aren't having problems perhaps it is your laptop?

If the wireless internet is meant for student use ask the admin.

Also do they have any reason to specifically block you?
Maybe it could be a problem with your wireless card or built-in wireless in your laptop? I once had a PCMCIA wireless card that kept kicking me off my home network. I tried another card and it worked perfectly.
Sounds like only two things could be occurring here:
a) your MAC address has been blocked for some reason - just spoof your MAC with EtherChange and be done with it.
b) your wireless card has failed in some way. Reload the card drivers and perhaps a fresh OS install. If that has no effect replace the wireless pc card in the laptop. Still connection failure then replace the laptop.

What do you mean when you say you are unable to "maintain" a connection? Are you saying that you can associate with the WLAN, but are disconnected after a brief period of time? Or that you can not authenticate at all (can only see the network and not connect to it)?
Black Method:

Hack into the server using scripts and disable the admin (freeze) and keylog the whole system (steal passwords and logins) then ghost your MAC address on the entire server by adjusting the log settings and admin controls.

White Method:

Get a new wireless card that has stronger coverage. Or go to a peter piper pizza or starbucks (they charge over here though)

hope that helps :)
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