[JV] You Monetize my viral site. You Keep all the Profits

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by skuxta, Oct 7, 2009.

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    Hey BHW'ers.

    Looking to form a JV here.

    I have the site:

    and would like to flip it soon. But don't really have enough time on my hands to dedicate to monetizing it.

    I have already SEO'd the site. Its ranking 4th in Google for the term "Ban Homework". Which gets a fair amount of searches every month.

    Currently the site has mainly just crap junk traffic ( real visitors though ) going to the site. Just for stat inflation ( 60k uv's a month )

    The site is 2 years old, so it has a fair bit of weight to it. I have SENuke'd it and Xrumer'd it.

    The site is hugely viral and could easily be promoted via Facebook and Twitter.

    So what I am proposing is this. I am looking for someone who can monetize this. You will need to make a few thousand a month with the site. And ALL of that profit that you make you can keep. This will go on for a month or 2. Every single cent you make is yours to keep. You just can't change the site around.

    What I want in return? Screen shots of your earnings and a brief summary of how you monetized it so that I can flip the site soon and pass on legitimate details to the buyer.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested with your experience and what you would plan to do.