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    Looking for someone out there who can act as a supplier of World of Warcraft gold and in-game items. Wholesale prices need to be competitive to make this a worthwhile JV, and you must be available on all US/EU realms (servers).

    What I will do:

    - Build and maintain website offering gold and items for WoW.

    - Provide realtime backend which shows pending orders, orders canceled/in dispute and payment stats as well as messages from customers.

    - Will advertise and promote gold/items service to drive business.

    - Handle customer service inquiries.

    - Handle billing, disputes and refund requests.

    What you will do:

    - Act as a supplier and maintain availability of items and gold on US/EU realms.

    - Handle in-game delivery of items/gold to the players who purchase.

    - Must have 24/7 delivery availability all realms. Deliveries on confirmed orders must be made within an hour.

    - Provide updates on inventory status to prevent overselling. This can be done by updating the website from your back-end.

    Payments will be made weekly on all verified and confirmed transactions. Obviously you must have experience "gold farming". You will set your "wholesale" prices which I expect to allow for no less than 50% markup over market value, while being competitive with other services like PlayerAuctions and IGN.