JV with a Financial Advisors Firm... Where are the DOCTORS hiding?!

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    Hi there,

    A close friend of mine runs a successful business giving independent financial advice for doctors.

    He basically speaks to doctors all day, advising them which mortgage, life insurance, ISAs, bank accounts etc... to buy and get.

    He doesn't charge any of the doctors a penny, instead he gets paid on commissions for each mortgage, bank account, life insurance etc... he sells.

    Unfortunately, since the downturn of the economy, things have got harder for him and I'd like to help him whilst helping myself.

    I'm open to starting a CPA kind of thing with him, whereby he'd pay me a fee for each phone call he receives or for each sale he gets...

    I'm just trying to rack my brain as to whereabouts UK doctors tend to "hang" or can be found on the internet?

    Also, if you have any other ideas that'd help me out, i'd love to hear them.

    Kind regards,