[JV] We creating a new coin, you're all invited.

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I'am experienced in CMS advertising. Maybe i can do something.
Hello, I want to join the project I believe I can help
Hey! I'm interested and would love to be an early adopter. Awaiting your Pm
Interested. I can help with social media marketing
Have PMD you all thanks.

Looking for more team members to help with marketing.
I don't want to sound like a dick but have you guys even registered a company for that token ?
Selling token on decentralized exchanges without AML and KYC can break your guys neck in the next year not important if its a DAO or not
Some countries have now a ground against you guys that you might have sold tokens to their citizens.

I know what i'm talking about because bitshares which is a fully decentralized project also had big discussions of possible legal issues as SEC announced in a decentralized project people who make the project possible are fully responsible.In bitshares case Committee members and Witnesses.Luckily it was funded in 2016 and we had a legal letter from a known US chamber for being a pure utility token for which we paid $400k
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