[JV] We creating a new coin, you're all invited.

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Hey, this is likely the last post here before we go ahead.
I have just replied to everyone in my inbox, if interested please reply as soon as you can as we are looking to move forward over the next few days.
If anybody is waiting for a reply PM me.
If anybody wants to be part, this is last calls before we launch. We are looking for team members to help with website and marketing, send me a PM if you are interested
will there be a fair launch?
Hi, information relating to launch will be in BST.

Can one get more information how one could possible help, or get involved?
Hi, I have PM'd you.

Do you think it's a good idea to move this to the Jr. Vip section ?
We didn't move this to JRV because it is open to all members.

Any update, so far?

Interested in buying some presale when the time comes.:)
Sure you have had offers from people who are far more proficient at website and marketing so I won’t waste your time with that.
Hi, we're looking for anybody to help with website and marketing, skill level isn't as important as passion to help make this successful.

Have asked all who are involved to complete a questionnaire which has been discussed with mods. Due to reaching maximum allowed responses on the questionnaire some now are being told the questionnaire is closed, if you receive this message let me know and I will send a different link.

Hope I'm not too late. Signed up just for this. Can help with promoting on Reddit and Twitter maybe a few others.
Have PM'd
i’m a professional shiller
Have PM'd
And as for the marketing part?
We're looking for memebrs to help with marketing, if you can help let me know. Thanks

Would be interested too! On the marketing portion and maybe buying more, please PM me the details
Can't PM, might have to change your settings.

I will spread the word on Reddit
Not open for further replies.
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