[JV] Want to Learn to Make $50-$100 a day? Noob Friendly (Sort of)

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    I am offering to help noobs/beginner etc. etc. level IMers into making it to your first $50-$100 a day. The method is Greyhat/Whitehat, and I can unfortunately take in only 10 people initially as that's the most I can handle right now.

    The Method is an offline method, that you can make money from for minimum a few months.

    The Requirements:
    Small amount of initial money to use about $50 would work.
    USA Citizen Or be present in the USA
    Be able to dedicate 3-4 hours a day to this

    A Car or means of transportation would help but is not required. And no you dont need to have a CPA account etc. etc.
    Generic domain of any kind would help as well but is not required.

    PM the following:
    Amount Of Time
    What you have
    Why you want to do this, and your IM journey so far.

    Again. Can only pick ten. Sorry.

    Thanks. Bye.