[JV] SEO: Authority Niche (I have tools and pay for expenses) - Need SEO Writer

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    Hey guys,

    Looking for a JV for 1 person right now to try this out. I currently have one of these authority niche sites up and have about 30~ unique visitors a day (very targeted traffic). Rankings are slowly increasing and I have about 4 of the 25 current keywords im targeting ranked on the first page. The articles on the authority page are unique and push for a CB review page or the CB product. I get hops, but currently working on conversions. I know this will work once I tweak the landers.

    I have tools to create a large link pyramid (10,000~ links in a pyramid) for an authority niche. Within this link pyramid I have about 50 spun articles filtered through it. I am targeting keywords for CB products.

    I also use:
    senukex - for social bookmarks, articles
    xrumer/sb - as the outer layer to the large web 2.0 properties
    proxies - private/shared
    linklicous pro

    I will do all the SEO link building while you look for the keywords and write the articles. I will help with finding low competition keywords. The more articles that can be churned out the better. I will even purchase the authority website domain name.

    Looking for long term - Split 50 / 50.

    You must know a bit about SEO and CB marketing. I will speak to you on skype before agreeing.

    Let me know if anyones interested.