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    Hello All,

    I am excited to announce that thinkit.com is now up and running. I have been working on this social networking site for quite sometime. Users are able to setup profiles, post blogs, search for music and video, watch television shows online, or submit to our design contest.

    We have setup several spiders running in the background of the site. One is used to collect user profiles and blogs from another site and then post them on thinkit.com. The next is the music spider which searches for MP3s posted online. The third is the Television spider which automatically each week finds new shows and posts episodes.

    What I am now seeking is to bring a partner in who can send massive social networking traffic to this site once the remainder of bugs are worked out. I have setup google ads all over the site in order to bring in revenue.

    This site has the potential to become the next well known name in social networking. Check out veoh.com on alexa for proof.

    If this sounds interesting to you and you are have the traffic resources to make this happen, let's talk!

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