[JV] Plenty of scripts & licenses but need dedicated partners to work with.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by sgmoney, Sep 13, 2011.

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    Looking for a serious JV partner to develop and maintain niche domains/websites.

    I have access to the following.

    • xRumer
    • SENuke X
    • Scrapebox
    • SiteMile.com scripts
    • Captivator Lead Capture
    • FSRevolution
    • +some other scripts and licenses will have to dig them up. Have some licenses just sitting there collecting dust.

    I will handle the following.

    ? Installation and set up on my webhost, I'll install any paid scripts and grant you access to the site. You're not allowed to install the scripts anywhere else.
    ? Domain name (either use one of my aged domains or let me know what unregistered domain you want to develop the site for)
    ? SENuke blasts, you target the keywords and send me the articles and I'll have my VA blast.

    What I require from my JV partner

    i. Developmental skills (php/Ruby on Rails) or knowledge of Wordpress
    ii. Maintainence / update of the website
    iii. SEO for the site.

    I will not tolerate any spam on the servers or illegal/cracked script/software.

    Profit Share --> 100% yours for first 6 months. you can use anything you want. adsense, cpa or anything you like.

    Profit Share --> 6th 11th month 70/30 split after putting 10% aside for SEO work.

    Profit Share --> 12 months 50/50 split after taking 10% to put into SEO for the site.

    Looking for a good partner to work with long term, RoR preferred have plenty of ideas and domains just waiting to be developed but I currently have too much on my plate to handle everything on my own.

    PM me with the following
    1. Email address
    2. What niche you're interested in.
    3. Your background & location
    4. Your experience in terms of the niche/field you want to focus on
    5. Plan of action

    Look forward to working with you folks here.