JV Opportunity for my new Clickbank Fitness Product - 75% Commission - 9000+ list

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    Not sure if some you recall, but I launched a product in the Clickbank marketplace a couple of weeks ago and was looking for affiliates to promote it for me. You can check out that thread here: (can't post links) www(DOT)blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/clickbank/561996-promote-my-clickbank-fitness-product-75-commission.html

    Well, the product is launched now and it's kicking off the ground quickly. I've already made multiple sales and I have dozens of affiliates promoting it. Things are going well so far ;)

    But now I wanna get into list swaps with various people across the web. So let's get straight to the punchline.....

    I've been involved in the health/fitness niche for years and have an email list of 9000+ buying customers in the building muscle/losing fat niche. If anyone has a list in this niche and wants to do a list swap with me, let me know. I'll promote your product, you promote mine. Your list doesn't have to be as big as mine - just a reasonably sized one.

    I know if I get the right person to promote this product, it will get off the ground even quicker. So that's why I'm making this thread.

    Let me know if you're interested and let's make some cash!

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    Do you accept solo ads?