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    I have a company that does financing on cell phones and we had been running the credit checks ourself but I am thinking of changing over and making the client provide their own credit score and make them use an "approved" provider (our affiliate link of course!) and I am looking for one to two partners to help me get this up and running.

    I have had some good luck with similar programs before and have done as well as $2500 a day on a site doing this in a different industry. I do post our items for sale on cl and some other sites like ebay. What I would like to find is someone that already has cpa accounts with credit apps (I do have accounts we can use if needed) and a couple hours a day.

    I will provide clad for posting, pva's, the site to send the traffic to, and the products. All you have to do is the postings on cl and if you want the funds to come to your account you must provide the cpa account. I will provide the ip solutions and other needed items to post if you want to post by hand. This is legit products that we really sell so it is 100% legal.
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    Sounds interesting! add me on skype: helpisontheway3