JV Offer! Fully Automated.. 50/50 Split! Only Need's Investment + Marketing...

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by lewi, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Ok so the last JV thread were i straight out asked for $3k went bust and i kinda understand why.. so i figured why not look for a proper JV then?

    1st Offer...
    I have found a script and a site that automatically processes orders for fake traffic to any url. No admin work needed except to reply to any pre-sale questions submitted via the contact us form. The script costs $2k and is in asp and runs on a server (so there is just a monthly cost of $50 from VolumeDrive).

    Now the site recently sold for 7k with around $200 earnings from ppc traffic. Simply SEO and PPC will bring in way more than that and i have contacted the seller and secured an exact copy for 2k.

    So here is the split!

    50/50% split right down the middle and we both do the marketing to the site... im an SEO guy so if you are more of a PPC guy then that's even better. If the JV goes sour then we can simply sell the site and make more than the investment back even with minimal earnings... Then we can put up new ones if we want or just call it quits.

    Let me know