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JV Offer for Content Curation Plugin: What you can bring in to the table & what you want?

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by DENNYBOY, Jul 17, 2012.


    DENNYBOY Regular Member

    Feb 18, 2008
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    I would like to keep my JV offer very short. PM me or post here what you can bring in to the table and what you want??

    About My Project:

    I am launching very powerful plugin which allows you to curate contents and add articles automatically on your wordpress websites. This is not about adding content from Google by setting up Google alert. You will be adding high quality contents to your wordpress site from my article directory site where writers submit articles with low competitive keywords. The profit generated from articles will be shared between writers, people who buy plugin and admin (myself).

    The best part is.. I charge writer's to write high quality articles on my website after 60 day free trial. That means writer will pay for article if their article generate income which in turn assure plugin buyer that they will earn guaranteed income from articles. This is very powerful concept if you take time to think.

    More about my project at http://shiningwriters.com/concept/

    Your Benefit:

    If you refer writers to my site then following are your benefits

    1. You earn passive residual income from each articles posted by writer you refer. ($5 - every 90 days per article)
    2. You earn income when other site owners buy those articles
    3. You make money when writers you refer buy any products or plugin at my site

    If you refer members any members to my site then following are your benefits

    Your Benefit :

    - You earn residual income when your members buy plugin
    - You make money when plugin site owners buy niche articles package.
    - You earn residual income when your members decide to write articles
    - You make money when other products has been purchased at my site.

    Can't refer ?? No problem..

    Let me know what you can bring in to the table and what you want..

    I am looking for video creators, content writer for my site, moderator to moderate submitted articles, Investor and so on..

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