JV - New Fac*book Ad Blaster - Need People With Large Fan Sites

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    Brand New Software
    JV Wanted 50/50 Split

    Need owners of LARGE fac*book, friends and fan sites, the CPA networks are all set up, with top converting offers. Software specs below, you just supply the sites we do the rest.

    System functions:

    - Auto spreads the ads onto your friends user wall

    - Then spreads to their friends news feed and main wall post

    - Full tracking provided, clicks and conversions

    The average fac*book user has 200 friends.

    For example if you made 1,000 friends times the 200 friends they have = 200,000 users in your lead network.

    Same thing for fan pages but on a larger scale!!

    If only .05% opt into the CPA offer at any given week that totals 10,000 CPA conversions per week.

    Please only people with a lot of friends on fac*book or large fan pages

    Pm for details