[JV] Need someone who can drive social traffic or backlink

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    I'm investing on one site. Niche: family and other tips ( relationship tips, cooking tips, etc )<br>I got one guy who can write 10 to 15 post per day ( well, he was a bit lazy, but he's speeding it up, writing 20 yesterday ) i promised to get him 50% after i sell the site ( 50% of earning from ads too ) i got other 50%
    since i realize that i can't rank just by good content, and social signal ( i tried to do it whitehat ) i really need some one who can help me on links or traffic
    My demand
    1) If you provide backlinks : I need you to have 10 to 15 pr>=3 site, so you will put my site at your footer, i think that's enough to rank ( the link at the footer is not my homepage, it's category's link ) if you dont think so, pm me and i will show you my site :)
    2) If you provide traffic: you should be able to drive like 5k per day, with family niche page/instagram account/twitter account, pinterest is good but i dont trust it much. Right now i'm working with one guy who tried to drive traffic to my site from facebook, but his page is NSFW fanpage, the visitor just came and out in 1 sec, he's dropping today
    i will just need one more partner, and that man will get 25% from my ads earning and selling site earning. I believe this site will go 10k atleast on flippa
    Just wonder if i need to provide infomation my skype is bui.ha2 and my email is habuils gmail
    Tell my anything come out of your mind, i stay online 18/24. My site already get adsence so you dont need to be worry about the monetize method